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Busy Bilby Subscriptions

Subscription to Busy Bilby is calculated on the number of active members within the organisation. We do not count Inactive members even though their details are still stored in your Busy Bilby records. If you wish to avoid paying for members no longer active in your organisation, simply make their record Inactive you can re-activate them at any time.

Less than 50 cents per active member each year.

We wanted to make Busy Bilby affordable for even the smallest organisation so our rates are constructed accordingly. If your organisation grows and moves into the next price bracket within your subscription period we will simply wait and adjust your following period membership level when you renew.

FREE for up to 50 active members

If you are only a small group then Busy Bilby is on us up to 50 active members. We hope that soon your organisation will grow and want to help you get there.

Annual Subscription Rates

Subscription Level

Paid Monthly

Paid Annually

Paid Biennially

Up to 50 members
51 to 200 members
49c per member
45c per member
41c per member
201 to 500 members
47c per member
43c per member
39c per member
501 to 1000 members
45c per member
41c per member
37c per member
1001 to 5000 members
43c per member
39c per member
35c per member

* all amounts are in $AU charged in advance at the start of your subscription for your selected period but do not include GST, PayPal or credit card payment charges which will be added at invoice if applicable.

Money Back Guarantee
If you subscribe to Busy Bilby and find within the first 90 days that its not for you then your subscription will be refunded. We don't think that will happen - it never has yet, but we want you to be completely comfortable and confident with your decision to join us.