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About Busy Bilby

Committee (noun)

A committee is a group of people who meet to make decisions or plans for a larger group or organisation that they represent.

Designed and built for Committees by people who have served on many

Busy Bilby is designed for committees by people who have served on many of them and who have a good idea of just what the job entails and how to make it easier.

Whether its a committee run by dedicated volunteers or one where people are appointed and actually paid, what every committee member has in common is a desire to manage what needs to be done without onerous amounts of time and effort.

What do Committees Need?

Broadly speaking we believe committees need an application which:

  1. Helps grow your membership
  2. Helps you communicate with your members
  3. Accepts secure Credit Card and PayPal payments from your members - preferrably from your own website directly into your database
  4. Keeps a record of decisions made by the organisation – a history stored safely and securely online – not in dusty boxes in a back room or garage somewhere.
  5. Is easy to learn and to pass on to the following committee
  6. Manages membership subscriptions with as little effort as possible
  7. Provides an auditable financial accounting system
  8. Is online so it can be used anywhere there is an internet connection and a connected device.
  9. Is secure and provides accountability
  10. Is reliable and has fast personal support
  11. Is economical and scales to your organisation

Busy Bilby gives you all of these and is constantly growing and adapting to the needs of its subscribers. If you have a need or an idea that you think would help your committee and others like yours then tell us about it - we are keen to take on board any suggestions you have to offer.

How did Busy Bilby come about?

Busy Bilby has been developed over 10 years by a small team working in Queensland, Australia. The data is hosted on secure servers here in Australia. Support is provided in Australia by the people who know and have a stake in the application, so we are very responsive.

You can accept membership applications and payments directly from your web site with our easy to configure link. This will provide PayPal, Stripe and direct debit payments by your members directly into your account and allow members to enter and update their own details.

Try it now - no payment or email details required

Why not check us out by clicking the Test Drive link below and visiting the records of our Sample Organisation?